martedì 29 luglio 2014

#36 Random thoughts waiting on a rainy afternoon

Blake Lively is not my alter ego:
I don't think I'm that smart..
I'm other ways good other ways bad.
I feel a bit annoyed; I feel a bit upset.
I dunno why such scarce problems
beat me to my death!

Emotions rip my heart, distortion
is all I feel like a broken glass
I reflect all my fears.. Scary how
I change, sudden how I act,
cannot tell whether I'm happy or
drunk. Writing makes me breathe,
sadly I admit thing will go on
change but I'll always be like me.

Senses focused, sight blurred,
a deep reverie makes my eyes
cry hard. Not so gentle, not so
fotunate, not a single word is
so important; bad habits come
by twos or by fives, the kiss of
the twister twisted my mind.

Damn it I should cry.
Tell me I wouldn't die.
Long, life, lure;
passionate blurr.


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